Jorgensen Park Walk Trail, Kalamunda


Jorgensen Park is located on the southern border of Kalamunda National Park and contains toilet and picnic facilities, including barbeques. This 2.7km loop trail is easy to navigate and is located on the old unused Kalamunda Golf Course, offering lots of history, stunning valley views and hidden gems.

Jorgensen Park

Helena Valley Views

Photo Credit: Chelle Fisher

About the Trail

The Jorgensen Park Walk Trail follows many of the old Kalamunda Golf Course fairways, most are very obvious although not your typical lush green views. The trail also incorporates some of the Bibbulmun Track along the northern edge of the park.

The land on which Jorgensen Park now sits, was pioneered in 1895 by Jacob & Annie Schmitt. In 1928 residents from the shire of Kalamunda formed a golf club and took out a loan of £25 each to purchase 67 acres of the Schmitt’s orchard and 60 acres of reserve bushland for the golf course.

The Kalamunda Golf Course was a popular challenging course that remained opened until 1972 when it was moved to Forrestfield. It is now used as public park and walk area. The park was named after Hedley Jorgensen, who was the son of one of the original buyers as well as maintaining the club president role for many years.

The walk is a 2.7km loop around the park, very easy walking and well signed with red triangles.  You can download a pdf map from the Kalamunda Shire website.

Start Point: The car park of the Kalamunda Learning Centre. at the end of Crescent Road, Kalamunda.

Trail Notes:
1. Leave the car park at Jorgensen Park. Go through the treated pine fence and walk in an easterly direction
on a well worn track down the middle of an old fairway.
2. Reach the end of the fairway; deviate right past a small clump of blackboys and continue on a marked
path. There are houses and a fence on the right.
3. At the corner of the fence veer left and continue down hill on the track.
4. A track runs off to the right, going steeply downhill. Eventually this track meets Schipp Road. Ignore this
track and turn left here and continue on the marked track.
5. Look for a wooden Bibbulmun Track sign at this point. Above it is a red walk trail sign. Turn right and walk
along a narrow track towards a look out over the Helena Valley.
6. A lookout point overlooking the Helena River Valley with glimpses down the valley to the coastal plain.
7. Walk to the left of a Kalamunda National Park sign. Leave the Bibbulmun Track which at this point
descends into the valley and continue on the walk track.
8. Continue across the end of the fairway coming in from the left. Go straight ahead and rejoin the Bibbulmun
9. Turn right at a wooden post with a Bibbulmun track marker on it.
10. At the bottom of the hill cross the end of the fairway. There is a small water course here. Turn left.
11. Turn left off the Bibbulmun track and cross the small water
course. Walk up the fairway to your right and complete the
walk at the Kalamunda Learning Centre.

To help reduce the spread of Phytophthora Dieback at Jorgensen Park:
• Don’t spread soil or mud around bushland, in particular
during spring and autumn;
• Stick to tracks and paths;
• Observe signage in your local bushland reserve and
stay out of quarantined areas in bushland.

Need to Know