Jandakot Regional Park Bridle Trails

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Sam martin


lovely winter trails! Starts at Wandi Community Center grounds (Magenup equestrian Center), there is plenty of parking for floats, and some yards for horses. Access is through some gates at the rear of the equestrian center, where your horse has to step over a low pole as it goes through the gate, to prevent motorcycle access. the tracks are sand most of the way so great if you fall off, or want to increase your horses fitness level. Lots of Kangaroos at dusk and dawn, bandicoots and rabbits. Bird life is everywhere. Very dusty in the summer, but great in winter. Low lying bush most of the way. Not difficult to find your way around as its bordered by major roads, so just follow the fire breaks homeward when you have had enough. There is a drainage ditch to cross, but it never has water in it. Just a rabbit proof fence to open and close before the ditch, then you are in open trails from there. These trails have paths that lead all the way to Darling downs. They cross several busy roads, but have equestrian crossing areas and a tunnel under the Tonkin Highway. You need to come out at the Pony Place end to find the trail to Nicolson Road crossing. That trail is on the unsealed extension of pony place. Lovely easy track with very little elevation. There is a place to buy food at the cornere of Nicolson and Thomas road, the horses have to stay in the reserve, but there is a stepping stone to help humans get over the fence so you can get your lunch or a drink. Good food there.

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