Jandakot Regional Park Bridle Trails


Jandakot Regional Park has numerous bridle trails that meander through the park through a range of intriguing landscapes including banksia woodland, wetlands and rural remnants .

Horse on the trail in Jandakot Regional Park

Horse on the trail in Jandakot Regional Park

About the Trail

This trail network is great place to start out on your trail riding experience, as it is fenced and you cannot get totally lost. 

Trails are sand and limestone so depending on where you go horses do not have to be shod. The trails get very dusty in summer and the area can be quite wet in some places in winter. There are stepovers to access the trails to stop motorbikes getting in. The Southern boundary of the park does go along a moderately busy road so you may encounter traffic, but there is a fence between you and the road. Please be courteous at all times to other users of the park, which can include walkers and dogs.

ATHRA rating - Intermediate

There is float parking at the Magenup Equestrian Centre on the western side of the park. No other facilities, unless the Magenup Equestrian Centre gates are unlocked. Entering the reserves can be difficult, but both Denis De Young and Modong reserves have multiple entry points.

Please clean up all your manure and hay before leaving.

Need to Know