Honeymoon Pool Kayak Trail. Wellington NP


This 8 km return kayak trail starts at Honeymoon Pool campground and follows the river downstream. There are some rapids that you have to walk around and the trail ends at a small waterfall where you can swim.

Paddle down stream from Honeymoon Pool

Paddle down stream from Honeymoon Pool

About the Trail

The trail starts at Honeymoon Pool deck area, where the graceful peppermint trees trail in the icy cold waters.

Paddle downstream to your right; the current is minor and the route easy to follow. There are a couple of shallow rapids that should present no difficulty, although you will need to walk back up them later. Don't go down anything you don't want to walk up!

About 500m downstream you will get to Gelcoat Rapid that must be walked around. You will know it by a sloping rock face and a sharp right bend in the river. As you paddle towards this bend you will see the rock slope in front of you and the well used landing place. Do not paddle beyond this point. Gelcoat rapid is around the corner and not a rapid for the inexperienced.

Carry over the hill and relaunch at the bottom of the rapid. Continue downstream for a couple more kilometres of calm river. You will approach another rock bar and the river again veers to the right, and the horizon beyond indicates a waterfall. Stay left and land on the rock bar. Do not attempt to paddle the rapid and do not continue further downstream.

There are two drops, with a pool in between. The second drop is a 1.5m verticle drop creating a lovely waterfall. Do not attempt to paddle over it as there are shallow rock ledges below and do not swim of paddle in the pool between the two drops.

The pool below the second drop is ideal for swimming.

Do not continue further downstream. There are several obstacles including grade three rapids, a weir, irrigations canals, and finally, the river disappears into a tunnel underground.

Instead, paddle back upstream. The rapids are shallow and you will be able to walk or line your kayak up them. Take a short rope with you for this part. At Gelcoat, carry around as before.

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