Herdsman Loop and Olive Seymour Boardwalk, Perth

About the Trail

Herdsman Loop is an eight kilometre trail in Herdsman Lake Regional Park.  The Park contains a diversity of landscapes ranging from expansive views over open waters, to dense wetland rushes, fragments of remnant of paperbark and flooded Gum woodlands and well maintained open grass parklands. 

One of the most popular starting points is the Heron Place carpark (located at the south end of Lakeside Drive) walking anti-clockwise. You can stay on the cycle path or divert through woodland dirt tracks around the lake. Make sure you include the Olive Seymour Boardwalk on your circuit (south end of the loop) where you walk among the Paperbark trees. Here you can visit the Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre which provides an opportunity to interact with conservation research activities conducted at the site. Activities run by the centre include bird walks, information nights, night stalks and wildlife excursions. 

If you don't feel like walking the entire track you can walk shorter sections starting from Popeye lake (north end), which are about 3 kilometres. Popeye Lake has an information shelter and a floating jetty with an observation deck. Sheltered picnic areas and a large playground with car parking and wheelchair access can be accessed from Jon Sanders Drive. 

Herdsman Lake Regional Park is part of a chain of wetlands that once extended from north of Joondalup to south of Cockburn. The lake is a haven for birdwatchers, only six kilometres from the city. With over 100 species of birds recorded at the lake, some of which have come from the other side of the world, you are sure to find astoning bird species while enjoying some time outdoors. 

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