Henderson Cliffs Walk Trail, Beeliar Park


A short 300 metre loop walk to see some interesting limestone cliffs along Cockburn Sound in the Beeliar Regional Park.  A short section (100m) of the trail, from the carpark to the lookout, is sealed and wheelchair accessible.

View of cliffs looking south

View of cliffs looking south

Photo Credit: Pam Riordan

About the Trail

The Beeliar Regional Park consists of two chains of wetlands comprised of 26 lakes and numerous wetlands stretching 25km along the coast and covering an area of approximately 3400 hectares. The Henderson cliffs are contained within the western section of the park.  These cliffs are composed of Tamala limestone, which has formed from wind blown dunes where sedimentation has occurred and water has percolated through forming carbonate underneath.

The first 100m of the footpath is sealed and therefore wheelchair accessible from the car park to the lookout. There is an aternative Grade 3 track which winds from the lookout north and back to the car park for 200 metres. There is a path which crosses Cockburn Road and meets up (after one kilometre) with the Mt Brown car park.

Need to Know