Helena Pipehead Walk, Helena Valley

About the Trail

Helena Pipehead Walk is a moderately easy walk through Beelu National Park in Helena Valley, located 23km (30 minute drive) north-east of Perth in the Perth Hills. The 5.2km loop trail follows the Helena River and overlooks the valley and its wandoo woodland, with spectacular views following the water pipe that leads to Lower Helena Pipehead Dam. 

The trail commences where the sealed section of Helena Valley Road ends, after a short beautiful drive that winds through Helena Valley. There is a small area to park your car at the start of the trail. (Please be aware that parking is limited and turning around can be difficult.)

The first part of the track follows the unmade Helena Valley Road, taking you to a steel bridge with a white gate (which may be locked). As you follow the trail, the Helena River and views of the valley should be to your left.

The trail is comfortable and wide but somewhat rocky in sections. There are some sections that are quite steep. 

Wildflower season, August to November, offers you the opportunity to see spectacular wildflowers, especially orchids.

There are no obvious trail markers or signage so it is important to follow the walk trail map closely, as it is easy to find yourself on a different trail.

Walk trail map is available at the City of Kalamunda website

Trail Notes:

1. Take the left fork. The first part of the track is followng the unsealed section of the Helena Valley Road.

2. Cross a dry water course with a steel bridge and a gate (which may be locked).

3. Continue along the track for good views of the Pipehead Dam.

4. At this point, veer away from the river and head uphill.

5. At T-junction, take the right fork at the Shire sign. This is the furthest point of the walk.

6. A track converges from the left near an old car body.

7. Ignore track to the right.

8. Cross an open area and go through the white gate.

9. Rejoin main road and turn left.

10. Return to the car park at the start of the trail.

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