Hawks Head Walk

About the Trail

Kalbarri National Park covers a massive 180,000ha encompassing of sand plains, coastal cliffs and the spectacular deep gorges of the Murchison River.

Located within the Park, the Hawks Head Walk is a short 200m return walk from the main carpark and picnic area to a lookout providing extensive views of the mighty Murchison River. Hawks Head was aptly named after the shape of the rock structure seen from the lookout. 

Interpretative panels provide visitors with some insight into how to read the rock patterns and structures of this ancient gorge, as well as explaining the diversity if life, the issues with feral animals and restoring the natural system within the gorge.

If you are lucky enough to visit during wildflower season (July to October) you will be met by a dazzling display of colour from the wildflower species of the region, many only found in the National Park, inluding Kalbarri Spider Orchid, and other common wildflower species, flame Grevillea, starflowers, smoke bush, orchids and many flowering wattles.

For the more enthusiastic bush walkers a strenuous four-day, 38km trail connects from the nearby Ross Graham Lookout to the Loop Walk, this trail has no markings and multiple river crossings. All walkers need to register with Kalbarri Park Headquarters.

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