Top Trail:  Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail, Mundaring Weir to Kalgoorlie

About the Trail

Stop to explore where they stopped to rest and fill their waterbags. Prospectors learned that water is more precious than gold - some died of thirst - and a scheme was devised to deliver water further and higher than ever before to supply the goldfields. The well-signposted Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail follows this life-giving water east from its source in the forested Perth Hills, through the golden expanses of the Wheatbelt to the gold boomtown of Kalgoorlie.

The Trail is a great way to learn about Western Australia, past and present and CY O'Connor, the engineer who designed the water scheme. The Golden Pipeline is so named because of the Golden Fleece (6 million sheep rely on it), the Golden Sheaves of the Wheatbelt and Gold from Australia’s richest goldfields.  The trail includes dams and wells built before the pipeline, natural attractions such as nature reserves, gold mining towns and abandoned town sites.

Apart from Goldfields Road, you travel on old Eastern Railway reserve, along which trains steamed, and the maintenance road alongside the water supply pipeline.  Only two small sections are unsuitable for caravans. A range of accommodation is available at towns en route.

The trail is ideal for motorists who have a couple of days or more to explore the history, hospitality and horizons of Golden Pipeline Country. There's plenty to get you out of your car: 100-year old pumping stations, remote sites where workers lived to keep the water flowing, walk trails around massive granite outcrops.

Water spends at least a week in the pipeline from source to destination and we recommend you too take your time to get the most from the trail. There are plenty of opportunties to stop, get out of the car and explore.  The 25 interpreted sites along the trail have illustrated informative signs to help you discover more and a comprehensive guide book will enhance your drive trail experience. 

The "Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail Guide"  packed with easy to read maps, photographs and information is available from good book stores in Perth and major WA towns, visitor centres and newsagents in Golden Pipeline Country and The National Trust’s website.

Access the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail at Mundaring Weir if travelling west to east; or at Mount Charlotte on the outskirts of Kalgoorlie if travelling east to west. The Trail is well marked with large brown tourist roadside signs.  These indicate direction at major intersections and reassurance shield signs appear regularly along the route. All carry the distinctive Golden Pipeline logo.

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