Goat Farm, Greenmount

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Lee lee


We've returned to the Goat farm a couple of times now since our first visit earlier this year and I'm enjoying the trails. The skills park and small jump circuit is great for improving confidence on jumps as well as height. A couple of see saws and small logs as well. The blue cruiser loop (cross country) is a good challenge with steep rocky uphill climb and some fast sections - narrow, snaking, plenty of rocks and ruts. Good practice. Bringing along the GPS will assist in completing the trail and there are other paths leading off this. The railway heritage trail follows alongside the park so you could ride from Mundaring and make your way into the park that was for a longer cross country ride. The blue cruiser also goes in and out of a small quarry. Signage starts off good and then there are sections where the signs have been knocked down. That said the park is not overly large so it is fairly easy to navigate back to the car park if you think you are lost. While I love to ride and take in the scenery I guess what makes the goat farm a little different is that there is lots happening on the trail to focus on. It remains a good one to upskill and try some technical riding. There are some downhill specific trails as well in the park.

Colleen Smith


Not. For. Me! I did a lot of portage on these trails. This is suited to riders who like downhills that are quite technical. We got a little lost as well, so the network can have you doing large figure eights across the side of the hill if you like that kind of thing. I'm sure this has appeal to some, and each to their own, but I won't be going back.

Lee lee


First visit to the Goat Farm and the car gets broken into, not a great experience. We spent an hour or so in the skills park area - great jump practice to mix things up. Bit of rubbish left around the place. Doesn't seem to have the community atmosphere found at Kalamunda.

Terence Burke


What Lincoln wrote. The crappiest trail and XC track in WA.

Lincoln Hayes


Goat farm is ok. But if you are new to the sport - don't go here. It will turn you off and you will not enjoy it. Way too steep, too rocky and unmaintained to be enjoyable. Head up to the camel farm. Loads, loads better, free flowing singletrack, technical trails, good dh tracks, a track for everyone at camel farm.

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