Goat Farm, Greenmount

About the Trail

The Goat Farm is a designated mountain bike area on DBCA land in Greenmount, on the edge of Perth. The trails are probably the closest to the city and only 4km from Midland train station.

All disciplines of mountain biking are catered for with two downhill runs, three XC tracks, a 4X course and an excellent skills park that is suitable for riders of all abilities.

Beware that the hill is steep, some of the trails rocky and the downhill tracks in particular, badly eroded. While there are great views of Perth from the top of the hill, there is also little shade and it can be an unforgiving place to ride on a hot summer's day.

Down-hill Trails:


A-Klein (0.53km)
International trail builder Joey Klein inspired this trail, with a technical rocky section, a double black diamond A-line and a less challenging B-line. Continue down through a tough and fast open flowing section of trail before joining the Blue Cruiser cross-country trail that takes you back to the car park.

Tipping Point (1km)

Tipping point is an extreme trail for experienced riders. It is a difficult cross country descent. An all-mountain style climb with technical features.

Cross Country Trails:

Blue Tongue:  (1.2km)

Cross Country Descent Moderate. This is a great trail for less experienced riders to work towards more advanced descents.

Blue Cruiser (2.5km)
The Blue Cruiser is a challenging and sometimes technical cross country trail with fast-flowing downhill sections and some tough uphill climbs. There are a couple of sections of the trail that are uphill or downhill only so check the map and look for the directional signs as you go. The Ball Breaker is one such uphill section certain to up the heart rate. The Blue Cruiser is linked to Updraft.

Updraft (1.8km)

Updraft is a new cross-country ascent.  It provides an all-mountain technical climb that finishes at the upper trailhead with a myriad of options for descending.

Skills Park
The Goat Farm skills park is the perfect place to spend an hour or two honing your skills. The upper section consists of a series of beautifully constructed berms and tabletops of varying sizes. Once you have mastered these, this track leads into the lower section (nearest the car park) where there are small drops, more tabletops and then some large (black diamond) rock drops to finish. The middle section of the skills part has an array of logs, platforms, skinnies and seesaws of varying sizes ideal for gaining confidence and progressing your riding.

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