Garden Island Kayak Trail, Rockingham

Need to Know

  • Time

    Half day to full day
  • Distance

    10km loop. Make it a longer trip by continuing along the west side of Garden Island
  • Trail Start

    End of Point Peron Drive, Shoalwater.
  • Degree of Difficulty

    Moderate - Moderate level of fitness and experience required.

    Return trip could be long if the sea breeze is strong. See links for wind forecast site from

  • What to Pack?

    Bathers and snorkelling gear.

    Group F (Paddling trails) required.  Show Pack

  • Best Time of the Year

    September to April
  • Facilities

    Camping overnight on the beach is NOT permitted. Visitors must vacate the island by sunset.

    • Car Park
    • Lookouts
  • Hazards & Warnings

    All flora and fauna is protected, please do not feed birds, reptiles or animals. Snakes are plentiful in the bushland so take care and DO NOT KILL THEM. Best to stay on the beach.
  • Prohibited Items

    Dogs, cats and exotic plants are prohibited ashore. Jet Skis, Spear Guns, Gidgee’s, Sand board’s and Fishing Nets are prohibited to within 500 metres of the shore by order of the Dept. of Defence
  • Downloads

  • Access to the Trail

    Road 2WD
  • Download KML

    Download KML File (Disclaimer applies)

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