Waterfront Heritage Trail


This 4 km loop starts at Dome Café and meanders along the beautiful Geraldton foreshore before taking you through the old part of town and along Marine Terrace, where you will see some stunning old buildings. There are numerous places you can stop for refreshments along the way and playgrounds for the children to let off steam.

The trail follows the Waterfront.

The trail follows the Waterfront.

Photo Credit: Kim Fawcett

About the Trail

The Waterfront Heritage Trail is part of a series of trails that will take you on a historic journey through the Geraldton CBD.

Start at the Dome Cafe on the Foreshore and follow the square markers located along the trail.

Enjoy a journey through time with a walk through some of the cities earliest streets and buildings. See how Champion Bay evolved into a busy port; and how the town of 4000 people transformed during World War II to accommodate 40,000 military personnel.

Learn how the original rail line that cut the town off from the beach was moved to develop the stunning Foreshore you see today.

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