Flintstone Rock - Beedoboondu, Mount Augustus NP


Flintstone Rock in an Aboriginal art site that takes only about 30 minutes to explore including stops.  The 500 metre return walk follows along a water-smoothed rocky creekbed.

Aboriginal artwork under Flintstone Rock

Aboriginal art

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

This short walk follows the much more demanding Gully Trail along a water smoothed rocky creekbed. The colours in the rock are beautiful. Along side are walls of rock and river gums near the start. Flintstone Rock is a massive slab that found its way across a dry creekbed that becomes a torrent after heavy rain. Now comes a bit of flexibilty as you crawl under Flintstone Rock and look up. At first in the dull light it seems like there isn't a lot there. The idea is to lay on your back for a few minutes and gaze upwards. Aboriginal engravings will become increasingly visible. Its also a nice shady spot out of the hot sun.

It is worth exploring the area. You may even come across a mass of animal bones in a shallow cave, the result of dingo hunting activites. 

Need to Know