Echidna Trail, Walyunga NP

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Alexa Whitehorn avatar

Alexa Whitehorn


I was SO excited when I spotted an echidna! I walked in a clockwise direction and completed it in 2 hours without a pack. I started at 8:30am and didn't see anyone for the first 7kms, but then it got a little busy (it was school holidays). I got to hang out with an echidna for ages while he was sniffing around! I kept my distance but he was pretty relaxed. Beautiful spot for a picnic and you can find some space to yourself if you walk down the river a bit.

Willow Barker avatar

Willow Barker


I am new to hiking so it's hard for me to know how to review. However I as one of my first hikes I enjoyed the challenge & changes in terrain.. I fount it a workout. I did it anticlockwise and think I prefer it this way so you get the steep descent done first. The first part along the river is lovely & peaceful and I agree its worth starting the trail at Walyunga Car park ( 1st car-park). Pity you cant get here earlier than 8am. I didn't really find a place I wanted to stop and picnic so I ended up having my snack back at the picnic spot next to the river which I enjoyed. As a solo hiker the $15 us a lot ( I think I'll look into getting a WA NP annual pass) Took me 2 hours & 50 mins.

Michael Sargeant


I did the track anti clockwise today with a light pack in about two and a half hours and quite enjoyed it. There's a self service payment machine at the entry to the park which only takes cards, and a gate that is opened 8am-5pm each day. As others have said, the inclines that start after Syd's rapids can be tough at times, but its all downhill for about the last quarter, which gets you quickly to the end. The track passes through a good number of changes in landscape and flora, and now its Winter with everything quite green and a few flowering plants and fungi to be seen. I encountered plenty of kangaroos and lots of different birdlife, but unfortunately no echidnas. I'll definitely be back in Spring when more of the wildflowers are blooming.

Chris Nener


A nice trail. Anti-clockwise it starts off following Long Pond to Syds Rapids before it gets to the incline, certainly got puffed heading up but nothing too strenuous. Saw plenty of bird life and kangaroos. The views from the top are beautiful as well. Clearly signed. Can be finished in around 2.5 - 3 hours without a pack.

Irina Guidara


Today my friends and I complete this trail. There were 4 adults, one - eight year old and my friend was also caring a baby in a baby carrier. It was quite a challenge as kids got tired and we had to stop for them. We went anti-clockwise and completed it in four hours. Trail was well marked with clear signage. But we have noticed that most of people completed the trail in clockwise direction as supposibly it is easier this way. I really enjoyed the trail and would definitely do it again in the same direction.

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