Eat, Pick, Grow Trail - Wanneroo and Chittering


You could be forgiven for not realising that just beyond the estates of the urban fringe lies a world with a completely different pace of life. Industrious farmers and innovators work hard every day to make and grow produce for you to taste and enjoy. Whether it’s great tasting produce, specialist advice or a unique experience there’s a lot to taste and discover in this under-explored part of the world that’s so close to Perth.

Golden Grove Citrus Orchard

Golden Grove Citrus Orchard

About the Trail

Eat. Taste and take home locally grown food from fruit, veg and confectionary producers, featuring; strawberry, olive, citrus, mango and even a boutique chocolate tearooms. Cut out the middleman and buy fresh while reducing your food kilometres.

Pick. Unique fruit picking experiences are just a short car trip away. Pick mangos, olives and citrus straight from the tree.
Hot tip: Give the farms a call before you head there, to book ahead or check that their produce is in season.

Grow. You can grow your own with fruit, veg and succulent plants from specialist outlets. Ask these experts all the questions to help you turn your thumbs green or see how the experts grow lavender and turn this into a range of natural healthy products on site.

Chittering and Wanneroo lie to the north of Perth and though close to the urban fringes offer unique natural experiences. Wanneroo’s market gardens and National and Regional Parks are complemented by the lush green valleys and farms in Chittering, and both are connected by the native banksia woodlands across Neaves Road.

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