Drapers Gorge Trail, Kennedy Range NP

About the Trail

The Drapers Gorge walk is deceptively easy enough for the first section. So you would think for fast walkers, it would be a mere stroll in the park. The reality is however, very much the opposite. As you progress up the stony watercourse, the harder it gets.

If your aim is to get to the trail's end, obstacles will have to be overcome. There is a lot of scrambling up and down steep loose stony slopes. There are some narrow rock ledges and overhangs to negotiate. Great care should be taken, especially on the upper parts of this trail.

Along the well-marked path, you will come across a series of pools that, after rain maybe full, complete with seasonal waterfalls. You can only imagine the roaring rush of water plummeting down this narrow creek after really heavy rain.       

This is one of six walk trials in the park – Temple Gorge, Honeycomb Gorge, Drapers Gorge, the Escarpment Trail (leading to the top of the range), the Escarpment Base Trail, and Sunrise View.

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