Desert View Walk Trail, Nambung NP


A short 1.6 km, fairly easy walk through the Pinnacles Desert.

Follow the emu prints as you complete the loop

Follow the emu prints as you complete the loop

About the Trail

From the Pinnacles Discovery Centre Car Park, follow the concrete path for about 200 metres until you reach the sign at the start of the trail.

This 1.6 km trail is a great way to view this stunning landscape from a different perspective than the usual drive trail.

Comprised of firm yellow sand, the trail is mostly flat, with only a few gentle rises. It is well signed with emu footprint markers. 

From the highest point the views extend out across the desert to the Indian Ocean in the west. There is a viewing platform about 500 metres from the start of the trail. 

The Pinnacles Desert and the Desert View Walk Trail are located in the Nambung National Park about 2 hours drive north of Perth City via a sealed road.

Need to Know