Dawn Atwell Nature Reserve, Toodyay

About the Trail

Named after a Toodyay Naturalists’ Club founding member this, beautiful Shire managed reserve has a special community history. The Club successfully campaigned for the reserve to be vested for nature conservation. The reserve now protects a range of pristine native vegetation from Banksia Woodland in the sandy eastern part through to Jarrah, Marri and Powderbark Wandoo. 
The reserve is easily accessed from Julimar Road with a parking area, picnic table and interpretive signage near the corner of Parkland Drive. The fire breaks and tracks are ideal for walking and the terrain is relatively flat. There are two tracks that run across the reserve that can be used as shortcuts from the main track.
This reserve is renowned for its wild flowers with over a hundred species recorded there from the endangered Star Sun Orchid Thelymitra stellata to the spectacular Banksia menziesii, Fire Wood Banksia. Some 33 bird species have been observed here.

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