Top Trail:  Coastal Trail, Cape Le Grand NP

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Drew Graham


Interesting, varied, and challenging trail conditions and stunningly beautiful coastal scenery. It's destined to remain a favourite of mine.

Fayley Arthur avatar

Fayley Arthur


I walked 3 of the 4 sections (1 Rossiter Bay to Lucky Bay 2 to Thistle Cove 3 to Hellfire Bay), and it was the second best hike I’ve ever done. The granite outcrops are beautiful then the high views of glorious beaches, which I then got to come down to and swim at. The uphill section between Thistle Cove and Hellfire Bay was a challenge to the legs and heart, but the varied beauty was worth the effort.

Claire Hearn


I loved this trail and walked from Le grand to luck bay. You can read about the trail on area on

Emily Pinkus


I walked in the direction Cape Le Grande to Lucky Bay, then got a lift out to Rossiter Bay and walked back to Lucky Bay. This walk certainly has it's difficulties - mostly in the form of steep ups and downs on granite outcrops, which are sometimes at awkward angles. You wouldn't want to do the sections between Cape Le Grande Beach and Thistle Cove in the wet. In fine weather though, the views are sensational - especially in the sections between Hellfire Bay and Lucky Bay. I took all day to do all four sections, with a few nice breaks along the way. It was a pretty tiring day but I still smile thinking about how good it was. My favourite section was Hellfire Bay to Thistle Cove, which took 2 hours. There were some very steep hills (up and down) but the views out to the Researche Archipelago and into the bays were incredible! My second favourite section was Thistle Cove to Lucky Bay - this was easy and the views were very good. It took just under an hour and the path was formed for a lot of it. The section from Rossiter Bay to Lucky Bay would be best in the morning with the sun behind you (I did it in the late afternoon and it was nice but you miss out on that incredible aqua colour with the sun in your eyes). There are some frustrating times where the trail doesn't quite go close enough to the edge of the cliffs to see the ocean but coming down into Lucky Bay is very nice. Thankfully the sand is pretty firm as there is about 2.5km of beach to walk into Lucky Bay. I didn't love the section from Cape Le Grande Beach to Hellfire Bay, but my husband did. There were many awkward sideways angles that my hips and feet didn't like much. Plus the trail was mainly far from the coast so the views weren't as speccy. There were lots of great granite formations and lizards to keep us interested though and maybe I was just in a bad mood that morning (I'll be doing it again soon so I'll let you know if my opinion changes). All in all the coastal trail is an excellent walk which I would highly recommend if visiting Cape Le Grande National Park. Bring your walking poles to help your knees on the downhill slopes and take your time - perhaps break it up over 2 days.

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