Top Trail:  Coastal Trail, Cape Le Grand NP


The Coastal Trail is a spectacular but challenging 20 kilometre walk trail in Cape Le Grand National Park, 30 minutes drive from Esperance. The experienced walker can hike from bay to bay, enjoying some of the best scenery in Australia; kangaroos basking on pristine white beaches, dolphins surfing the aqua waters and amazing views.

About the Trail

Rossiter Bay to Lucky Bay - Rossiter Bay, a long beach, is one end of the walk. Up and over the first ridge, the vast expanses of Lucky Bay fold out below. The bright white sand is so fine that it squeaks when you walk.

Lucky Bay to Thistle Cove - The easiest part of the walk, with spectacular views in every direction, even out to sea to the Recherche Archipelago.  There’s a campsite at Lucky Bay.

Thistle Cove to Hellfire Bay – From Thistle Cove the trail is mostly granite which becomes dangerously slippery when wet. On approach to the isolated beach of Little Hellfire Bay, you are beckoned for a swim by this extraordinary panorama.

Hellfire Bay to Le Grand Beach - The walk to Le Grand Beach is the hardest with the trail taking walkers up and downhill - often at awkward angles. Another camping ground awaits.

This is ideally a multiple day walk, taking approximately 2 days to complete, however it can be done in a shorter time frame of approximately 8 hours.  The walk can be done from either direction and you can start it at either Rossiter Bay or Le Grand Beach.  The trail has additional access points at Lucky Bay, Thistle Cove and Hellfire Bay and as such this walk may be broken into four shorter sections all of which can be accessed by vehicle. Note that the access road from Lucky Bay to Rossiter Bay is unsealed.

  1. Rossiter Bay - Lucky Bay - 6.6km allow 2-3 hours, medium walking.
  2. Lucky Bay - Thistle Cove - 2.5km allow 1 hour, easy walking.
  3. Thistle Cove - Hellfire Bay - 4.7km allow 2 to 3 hours, hard walking.
  4. Hellfire Bay - Le Grand Beach - 6.2km allow 3 hours, hard walking.

Need to Know