Top Trail:  Chichester Range Camel Trail


The moderately difficult Chichester Range Camel Trail is located in the Millstream-Chichester NP and follows part of the old camel trail. The trail is 8 km long and can be accessed from both ends or 16km return. Expect some steep slopes, natural obstacles and loose rocks.

About the Trail

The Camel Trail starts at Python Pool, an attractive permanent water hole (perfect for swimming) surrounded by sheer red rock walls and follows part of the old camel road, winding up the rugged sandstone escarpment of the Chichester Ranges, through rolling spinifex covered hills, past large termite mounds and McKenzie Spring before heading to the base of Mount Herbert.

A walk along this trail in the early morning showcases a beautiful landscape of colour changes and is an opportunity to discover some iconic Pilbara wildflowers, such as Sturt's desert pea, mulla mulla's and the holly leafed grevillea.. Enjoy the stunning vista of the Chichester Ranges from the lookout at the top of Mount Herbert.

With fewer visitors and less facilities than near by Karijini National Park, the Chichester Ranges are remote and spectacular.  There are many special features of this trail including the historical aspect. It was used to deliver stores to isolated stations and return wool clip to ports like Cossack. McKenzie Spring was a watering hole along the route. Located in spinifex country, with plenty of snappy gums, reptiles and birdlife to view, it has a spectacular panoramic landscape, and beautiful swimming opportunities in Python Pool. 

If you decide to complete the one way walk, start at Mount Herbert and have a vehicle meet you at Python Pool. If completing the return walk, begin at Python Pool.

Need to Know