Bushland Nature Trail, Kings Park

About the Trail

As you wander and explore the Bushland Nature Trail, you will see unique Western Australia trees including tuart, jarrah and marri scattered throughout the bushland. Banksias, sheoaks and other small trees and tall shrubs make up a middle storey with a diversity of low, beautifully flowering plants forming the understorey. There are plants in flower all year round, the peak between July and October.

The trail starts at the Botanic Garden carpark, a beautiful open mia mia structure marks the entry with a mosaic depicting the menzies banksia, banksia menziesii. The statement draws upon the key architectural elements of the temporary shelters built by Nyoongar people. Mia mias were traditionally made from grasstree spikes and branches that were shaped into a beehive form. They provided shelter for those travelling between hunting grounds.

This is one of many walks within King's Park and maps are available from the visitor information centre.  For a longer walk with river views try the 3.7km Law Walk.

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