Bungendore Bridle Trail, Wungong Park


This 3.2km bridle trail in Bungendore Park leads through an area of natural Jarrah-Marri bushland. This park has a wide variety of flora and fauna, including endangered species of cockatoo, including Baudin’s, Forest Red-Tailed Black, and Carnaby’s.

Bungendore Bridle Trail

Bungendore Bridle Trail

About the Trail

Bungendore Park, 498 hectares, is located on the edge of the Darling Scarp approximately 30km southeast of Perth and approximately 5km south of central Armadale. It is part of the Wungong Regional Park.

The native vegetation consists of open Jarrah-Marri forest with smaller areas of Wandoo woodland and heath surrounding granite outcrops. The dominant vegetation complex is Upland Jarrah Forest.

A watershed runs through the Park from the north-west to the east, dividing the Park into two water catchments . All the freshwater creeks are seasonal, generally flowing from May to November.  The Cooliabberra Spring area has the highest conservation value of all the vegetation communities within the Park.

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