Blowholes Trail, Torndirrup NP


This 1.6 kilometre return walk to the blowholes provides a wonderful view of the rugged coastline of Torndirrup National Park.  Be warned that there are 78 steps and the walk back is all uphill!

The Blowholes

To see the Blowholes in action, go on a windy day. The sound of the blowholes is impressive.

Photo Credit: Linda Daniels

About the Trail

The Blowholes, the result of water being forced up into a crackline in the granite, produce spray and loud eerie sounds when a big swell is running. Depending on the swell, size and direction of approach to the sea cliffs The Blowholes may or may not be blowing. When they do, the noise is quite impressive and this attraction should not be missed, especially on a day when the ocean swell is high. Just rug-up warmly and wear sturdy non-slip shoes.

This walk is the most popular in Torndirrup National Park, but be sure to keep away from the ocean at all times, as several lives have been lost in this vicinity. The 1.6km return walk begins at the western end of the carpark and is well signposted. Follow the bitumen path for about 400 metres to the top of some steps. There are fine views of Peak Head to the south-east and Eclipse Island to the south-west. After the steps the path swings to the right then traverses an open granite area. Signs indicate the location of the Blowholes. At the Blowholes, do not proceed any further to the ocean and do not stand over the Blowholes.

No signage on the road by the way. First turning on the right after the natural bridge and Gap viewing platform. If you see the sign for Jimmy Newells you have already passed it going south.

Need to Know