Bidi Bo Djinoong, Perth Western Suburbs

About the Trail

This is one of seven walks in the Whadjuk Trail Network which lies on Noongar land, connecting remnant bushland areas in the western suburbs of Perth. With links to iconic, heritage and Noongar trails in the area, they offer users a unique experience and appreciation for the land, catering for a large variety of interests.

The Bidi Bo Djinoong (trail with views forever) includes parts of the iconic Bold Park offering fantastic views of the ocean (Wardun), city and bushland.  This 6.2km trail links parks and bushland areas with the Indian Ocean, iconic and Heritage Trails using both paths and roads. Due to numerous access points, the route can be walked in sections, allowing all to enjoy the diverse landscape. Trails are well marked with directional signs including the icon of the Quondong. Look for triangular trail markers in footpaths along the route.

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