Bickley Reservoir Walk, Perth Hills

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Rated: 32121 (3/5), based on 4 reviews.

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Mike Hunt


Pretty much walking up a rutted 4wd track up a hill, barely any single track

Jonathan Ponton


Challenging trails so it's good if that's all you're interested in.

Becky Ioppolo


Completed in early July, this walk felt a bit treacherous at times with steep ascents and descents. We felt very lucky that it had rained a few days before so the ground was just the right amount of sticky to provide some traction. Bone dry may have been just as scary as wet and slippery. Saw and heard a lot of cockatoos. Finished the hike in just under 2 hours but given the rigour we felt that we really earned a nice lunch aftewards.

Emma Simper


We were lucky to walk this in January as it was a very cool day. Beautiful views, reasonably tricky terrain but clear paths, and yes, the descent from the summit was very steep and quite slippy, even when bone dry. The path was clearly marked and noted on the map and guide, we enjoyed the entire walk to ourselves, and all of us (Mum, Dad, two sons aged 10 and 7) had a lovely time and felt like we'd accomplished something without being wiped out.

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