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Ian Kininmonth


The Bibbulmun is named after a tribe of the Noongar people who lived in the region through which the track passes. The track, appropriately marked with the symbol of the Waugal or rainbow serpent, winds its way through an amazing variety of landscapes and one of the most biodiverse regions on our planet. We walked the full length of the track between September and November 2020, the peak of the wildflower season and spotted around 60 unique species of orchid as well as a variety of other plants, animals and insects. We also met many wonderful people. While we have done various sections of the track over time, doing the full end to end gave us the opportunity to become almost fully immersed in the track and all that it has to offer. It is definitely on the list to do again.

Jude Comfort


Finally after years of tinkering around the edges of shortish sections on the Bibbulman Track I have now completed a very long section of the Bib Track. I completed nearly 800km from Dwellingup to Albany two weeks ago (I have basically done the track Kalamunda to Dwellingup). What an absolute treasure this track is and speaking to the international walkers I met on my 6 week adventure, it is up there with best tracks overseas. I found the wagyls easy to follow, and the days of hiking of various lengths provided heaps of variety and always rewarded with a hut which had been very thoughtfully sited and was always well maintained. I only had to sleep out one night due to a controlled burn diversion at Dookanelly Hut. The wildflowers were spectacular as were the ever changing ecologies and the weather was kind. Great sense of achievement arriving at the Southern Ocean at Mandalay Beach and that stunning coast line. Met some really interesting folk along the way. The track was pretty busy at the Dwellingup end (full hut at Possum Springs) but thinned out in the second half. A few comments - not much information at all about Aboriginal connection and culture through this area; some people were trying to burn rubbish which when this is plastic and tins is not on (obviously 'pack it in pack it out' and 'leave no trace' does not have the same meaning for everyone); the huts are a real bonus and social hub for the walk and I loved that they are simple really just offering shelter for the night; such a diversity of people on the track and great to see some young folks out too; some of the track towns seem more connected than others to the track but generally able to get what you need. I also loved that many people you met along the way who were not walking the track, still knew of the track and were quick to congratulate me on walking it. They are great ambassadors for the track as well. Thanks to all who make the track possible and keep the maintenance going and to the Bib Track Foundation for the background information and assistance to prospective walkers.

Matt Kibblewhite


I have walked the track the 69km from Brookton Highway to Kalamunda and camped overnight at a few of the campsites and it was amazing. It's a steeper and at times challenging section in places as you head through the Darling Range but the views and the nature you view along the way is worth every step. If you plan carefully for your hike and allow yourself time, then this is defiantly a must do. In time I would love to tackle other parts of the track and one day I may even become and end to ender. The Bibbulmum Track is something we here in WA should be very proud of.

Alexandre Bouillot


Cette marche de 1000km à été pour moi une grande expérience. Les paysages sont à couper le souffle et la piste vous fait découvrir le bush du Western Australia dans toute sa diversité. Vous verez énormément d'animaux facilement et passerez par beaucoup de hauts lieux touristiques, vous aurez également l'occasion de découvrir des petites villes typiques de la région. Malgré tout on peut se sentir seul ou bien assez facilement marcher en groupe. Il y a du monde sur la piste en Octobre/Novembre mais cela reste très raisonnable (rien à voir avec l'Europe). A cette saison l'eau n'est pas du tout un problème. Pour plus d'information vous pouvez visiter mon Blog ou encore le site de la Bibbulmun Track Foundation qui est très bien fait.

Mark Pybus


Great trail for hikers of all experience and a fantastic way of escaping the city and experiencing this beautiful state. Read my full review of the first leg from the Northern Terminus at!bibbulmun-track/c1rrl

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