Top Trail:  Bells Rapids River Walk, Swan Valley


This 2.75 km, Grade 3 loop is actually a combination of the easy Bells Rapids River Walk and the more difficult Goat Walk. The trail follows the river, before climbing the hill with some steep rocky sections to navigate.

Bells Rapids

Bells Rapids is a popular spot to watch the action in the Avon Descent.

Photo Credit: John Daws

About the Trail

Cross the bridge and head to your left for the easy 2.5km return Bells Rapids River Walk or turn right and follow the more challenging Goat Walk up and over the hill, until it meets the River Walk and returns to the bridge and picnic area. Expect some steep rocky climbs and descents along the way. Keep an eye out for the cheeky Buttocks Boulder!

With its majestic boulders and rushing waters in the winter, Bells Rapids has been a favourite picnic location for families for many years. The beautiful Grey Kangaroo can be seen in abundance at certain times of the year and the wildflowers are worth a visit from July to November.

Bells Rapids is also known for being one of the best vantage points along the Swan River for the Avon River descent.

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Need to Know