Banksia Hill Loop Trail, Canning River Park

About the Trail

Starting at Kent St Weir, walk over the weir and past the salt marshes, where you will find the trail markers. Only 1.5 kilometres in length the Banksia Hill Loop Trail can be a short walk after lunch at the local cafe or BBQ at the Weir - or can be additional to other walks in the Park including the Butterflies, Birds and Bridges Trail.  

The Park contains a playground, lots of grass, paths to ride bikes and scooters around, and a bridge over the top of the Kent St Weir. 

The playground is a traditional older style steel frame one, with no shade sails unfortunately. It is also not fenced, and especially as it is close to the river you will need to keep an eye on little kids.

A cafe is in the same building as the Canning River Eco Education Centre. 

The Castledare Miniature Railway has a station at the Park (the other Castledare station is not in this park but near by  - they run miniature train rides once a month, details on their website - see links page)

Similar to a great deal of land upstream of the Kent St Weir, Banksia Hill was once cleared for grazing of cattle and horses as well as for market gardens. The farming family left the property in the 1950s, and remained untouched until 1990s when the Canning River Regional Park Volunteers intervened and begun rehabilitating the area. Some patches of remnant vegetation remained and from these areas natural succession was slowly taking place, but the volunteer group assisted by planting additional native plant species and eradicating the introduced species which threatened to take over.

Slowly the area has grown to resemble its former self, and is home to many fauna species including brush-tailed possums, short-nosed bandicoots and many bird species.

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