Bald Head Walk Trail, Torndirrup NP

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Alan Boyd


I was down in Albany last weekend for the WA Day long weekend and had been planning to walk this trail and I was not disappointed, it was an amazing hike with brilliant views in any direction. The trail does seem a bit degraded in a few loctions, on the return leg I had to scramble/climb up at two or three locations. I also tracked the return leg of the hike on my Garmin and it came in at 6.55km (that was to the carpark) so I'm not sure whether the 16km return figure is accurate, I did it in about 4 and a half hours but having said that the terrain is difficult at times so do not go unprepared! Will check this hike out the next time I'm down in Albany.

Mark Pybus


Hi Everyone, I logged this trail for TrailsWA and the GPS reading I got was 12.5km (6.25km to Bald Head). The sign does say 16km but I'm not sure how they came about that figure. It's a fantastic trail that I will make a point in hiking every time I am near Albany. Breathtaking views and challenging terrain.

Margaret Owens


Obviously the details for this walk should read 16kms not 6kms. The walk is amazing but is very degraded in parts where the down slopes have broken away. Stunning views over the whole of Pricess Royal Harbour. Take plenty of water and don't underestimate the terrain. I have walked this trail over 20 yrs and am surprised how parts are needing repair but there has been some work along the way.

Brad Mills


This trail is amazing from start to finish, spectacular views in every direction, make sure to take camera. This site says it is a 12km return walk though at the signage at start of walk it says 16km return walk.... I believe it is 16km but want to follow that up. This walk is quite steep and strenuous in certain spots but well worth it. Be aware of tiger snakes... I was lucky enough not to confront any, though I did see alot of fresh snake trails. I did the walk alone so I had some snake proof gaitors and snake first aid kit, in all honesty it would have been more comforting to have done the walk with someone else for safety reasons such as snake bite or injury. Phone signal drops in and out in certain places and it is quite a secluded remote walk, so on your own you may not get any help if needed quickly. This is an epic walk I loved every moment.....but still sore a couple days later smile

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