Bald Head Walk Trail, Torndirrup NP

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Naomi O'Shea


You don’t have to do the whole trail if you don’t have time. An hour is plenty of time to walk to the ridge with the water either side. It is only 1 km to that part and it is spectacular. Sneakers and a bottle of water will suffice.

Marco Zecca avatar

Marco Zecca


Trail completed on the Easter long weekend. Long but not too challenging. The scenery is truly spectacular and the surrounding surprisingly changes along the way. Highly recommended!

Gerard Cameron


We did the trail yesterday in a group of 8 friends. First of all 4 participants had Garmin watches. All came up with a total of 13.2 kms total. return. Interesting to note that the trail is quite overgrown now in some parts. Still well and truly passable though. It took us 5 hours return. We stopped for lunch and snacks and walked at a leisurely rate. Last time we did it in 4 hours without pushing too hard. Certainly a few difficult steep sections. The view is simply stunning all the way through. Every new corner gives you views of King George Sound and the Southern Ocean that are simply stunning. Can’t recommend this trail enough.

Alan Boyd


I was down in Albany last weekend for the WA Day long weekend and had been planning to walk this trail and I was not disappointed, it was an amazing hike with brilliant views in any direction. The trail does seem a bit degraded in a few loctions, on the return leg I had to scramble/climb up at two or three locations. I also tracked the return leg of the hike on my Garmin and it came in at 6.55km (that was to the carpark) so I'm not sure whether the 16km return figure is accurate, I did it in about 4 and a half hours but having said that the terrain is difficult at times so do not go unprepared! Will check this hike out the next time I'm down in Albany.

Mark Pybus


Hi Everyone, I logged this trail for TrailsWA and the GPS reading I got was 12.5km (6.25km to Bald Head). The sign does say 16km but I'm not sure how they came about that figure. It's a fantastic trail that I will make a point in hiking every time I am near Albany. Breathtaking views and challenging terrain.

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