10th Light Horse Bridle Trail


The original trail (56km long) started at Island Point Mandurah, but since 1989 has been progressively encroached upon by urban development. Section 1 is no longer in use with Section 2 starting from the west side of the Harvey River Bridge on Lake Clifton Road formerly known as Old Bunbury Road and Section 4 ending at the junction of Runnymede Road and Wellesley Road.
Section 2 through to Section 4 is a total of 45.5km.

It has a mainly flat limestone surface with large sandy firebreaks and no significant hills.
It should take two days at a leisurely pace on horseback.

Section 1 not in use
Section 2
Lake Clifton Road (formerly Old Bunbury Road ) riding south and the junction of Wellesley Road and Runnymede Road riding north.
14.5km one way — allow 3 hours.
Section 3
Johnston Road to Forestry Road (riding South)
21km – allow 4 hours.
Section 4
Forestry Road to Wellesley Road (riding South)
10km one way — allow 2 hours.

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10th Light Horse Re-enactment Troops

10th Light Horse Re-enactment Troops

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