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Trails in the Collie River region

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You don’t have to travel far to access some of our State’s great mountain bike trails. Just two hours south of Perth is the Collie River region which is filled with a multitude of trail riding options. From novice to experienced, there are trails to suit all levels. Best of all, you can head off after work on a Friday afternoon, spend the weekend on the trails and be back on Monday morning. Of course, you could always stay a little longer.

So grab your bike and clip on your helmet and let’s explore what this area has to offer. 

If you’re a newbie to trail riding, or simply want a leisurely outing, then get your wheels onto the Arklow Trails. This 35km network is made up of nearly a dozen trails of varying lengths and varying difficulty. You’ll criss-cross though ancient Jarrah forest, cruise over easy jumps, peddle up gentle climbs and even encounter a few log crossings.  The many individual trails all lead off from the trailhead just 4kms from Collie on Harris River Road and you can also access them by riding out of town along the Munda Biddi Trail. It’s important to note that there are no facilities along the Arklow Trails so make sure you take everything you need for your few hour’s ride.

The Collie Wagyl Biddi trails are another great option for beginners or intermediate level riders. You don’t even need to leave Collie to access these as they start right in town at Soldiers Park. Comprising 9kms of connecting loops, novice riders can calmly cruise the banks of the Collie River while more experienced riders can fly over rocks and get their cogs cranking on the Marri Meander trail. Sprockets Rocket is also a bit of a grin giver.

For riders with a bit more experience why not head to some of the more challenging trails in the Wellington National Park. Surrounded by magnificent Marri and Jarrah forests and picture-perfect valleys, riding here requires a bit more time and a bit more fitness. Located 30 minutes from Bunbury and 15 minutes from Collie, stronger riders can do these trails in a day or you can opt to linger longer with an overnight stay in the nearby rustic cottages. You can even enjoy glamping under the stars at Honeymoon Pool or Potters Gorge. 

But if you consider yourself an experienced rider or you are someone who wants to challenge themselves by really ramping up your ride, then head to sections of the Mount Lennard Trail network or some of the newer trails at Wellington National Park. It's here that you’ll find a number of  ‘black’ and highly technical trails that have thrill-seeker written all over them. 

So what are you waiting for… get to Collie and get on your bike!