Wetlands Walk Trail, Yanchep NP


This a beautiful, short and easy walk around the lake which is a dominant feature of Yanchep National Park.

View from bridge on the Wetlands walk trail

You can see sedges and other vegetation from the bridge that crosses a stream feeding into Loch McNess.

Photo Credit: DPaW

About the Trail

This two kilometre trail takes you through the heart of a coastal wetland, circumnavigating Loch McNess.  The walk is completely flat and well sign posted so you can’t get lost.  There are some nice views across the lake which attracts a lot of bird life.  You can also see the bush tucker Yanget plant (typha) which for which Yanchep is named after.

From the visitor’s centre, head anti clockwise around the lake.  You will find the trail markers not far past the inn where you cross a small board walk.

Yanchep National Park is one of Perth's oldest and most popular national parks just 45 minutes drive from Perth city.

Other things to do:  See the koalas, picnic on the lawn, Aboriginal cultural tour, lunch at the tea house, drinks at the Inn.

Other trails include the Ghost House Walk.

Need to Know