Wardun Beelier Bidi, Perth Western Suburbs


The 17.4km Wardun Beelier Bidi (Coast to River Trail) is a 17.4 kilometer loop trail starting at Grant Marine Park, Cotteloe,  It offers stunning views of Perth’s Swan River and the Indian Ocean.  The trail is good for all skill levels and is dog friendly.

Mosman Park Beach

Gazing over the Wardun (Indian Ocean) at sunset

Photo Credit: Sally Wallace

About the Trail

The Wardun Beelier Bidi (Coast to River Trail) connects the Indian Ocean with the Swan River, forming the southernmost section of the Whadjuk Network of trails. 

Named in 1797 by Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh, the "Swan River" begins in the foothills of the Darling Ranges, and empties into the Indian Ocean in Fremantle Harbour. The rivers of Perth are woven into the Dreaming stories of the local Aboriginal people, the Noongar. In their language the Indian Ocean is known as "Wardun". The Swan River is known as Derbal Yarigan, understood to refer to fresh or brackish water and turtle Dreaming along the river. The literal translation for Derbal Yarigan is Narlak (Swan) Beelier (River).

This trail connects through the Shire of Peppermint Grove, named after the trademark peppermint trees, the Town of Mosman Park including the historic Buckland Hill and the beautiful Town of Cottesloe. The walk encapsulates iconic trails on route including; Mosman Park's "Around-the-River Heritage Trail", the Swan Canning Riverpark, Mudurup Noongar Coastal Trail and the Minim Cove Interpretive Trail.


Need to Know