Twin Karri loop walk, Northcliffe


This 500 metre loop walk starts at the Hollow Butt Karri and leads you through thick karri forest.  This is one of several walk trails in the picturesque Northcliffe Forest Park so pack a picnic and make a morning or afternoon of it.

Twin Karris

Twin Karris

Photo Credit: Used with permission from!forest-park/c15pr/c15pr/i0y22

About the Trail

This short walk loop starts at the hollow butt Karri and leads you through thick karri forest.  There is much to see here; look up at the towering trees soaring into the sky.  Look down to see the delicate wild flowers peeping up from the forest floor in spring.  And look around at the thick understorey which provides hidden homes for many forest animals. 

Walk in the opposite direction from the start point and you can walk through 1.4km of forest, to link up with the Town Dam Walk Trail.   Stop at the Halfway Hut to catch your breath or just enjoy the forest peace.

Twin Karri loop is one of several trails twisting through the Northcliffe Forest Park, linking up, then disappearing again into the forest.  To get there by car, follow the signs from the townsite or walk from opposite the town shops. 

The park was developed by the Northcliffe community, which wanted to share this special forest with you.  Pack a picnic lunch or something to barbecue and make the most of the facilities that have been provided in this natural setting.  (This park is managed by the Northcliffe Visitor Centre on behalf of the community). 

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