Tunnel Creek, Tunnel Creek NP, Kimberley

About the Trail

Tunnel Creek National Park, is famous as a hideout used late last century by the Aboriginal leader Jandamarra. He was killed outside its entrance in 1897.

The walk goes through a naturally formed tunnel carved over millions of years by fast flowing wet-season water.  To do the walk you need a good powerful torch, bathers and sneakers or reef shoes to wade through pools that can be up to waist deep in places.

The trail is about 2km return and you need to be surefooted to negotiate rocky uneven surfaces. In the dark, your torch may light up small bats roosting on cave walls and glowing freshwater crocodile eyes. It can be a little unnerving for some.

Take your time reading the excellent interpretive signage near the entrance of Tunnel Creek. If you lose your nerve, hang around the spectacular cave entrance and ponder the exploits of outlaw indigenous leader, Jandamarra, who hid around here from the police troopers during the 1890s. Some of the interpretive signage tells the Jandamarra story in vivid detail.

Day trips to Tunnel Creek operate from Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and Broome and usually include a visit to Windjana Gorge. Fees apply to visit the national park.

You need a four-wheel-drive to access the park, which is generally inaccessible during the wet season.

Tunnel Creek is a day use area, with facilities limited to toilets, picnic tables and an information shelter. You are welcome to camp at nearby Windjana Gorge National Park (camping fees apply).

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