Tagon Coastal Trail, Cape Arid NP


Tagon Coastal Trail is a 14 kilometre return moderately difficult walk in Cape Arid National Park. The Tagon Coastal Trail winds through coastal heath and across rocky headlands, providing excellent vantage points for whale watching.

Little Tagon

Little Tagon, one of the beautiful beaches the walk takes you along

Photo Credit: Emma Rowe

About the Trail

Tagon Coastal Trail starts at the eastern end of Yokinup Bay at the mouth of the Thomas River. Depending on the time of year and if the river is broken through to the ocean, walkers may have to wade through the river to access the start of the walk from the picnic area car park. A great location to spot a number of different bird species including Hooded Plovers, Crested Terns and Oyster Catchers. The trail offers spectacular views of the coastline and a great vantage point for watching migatory whales (July- October).

The walk takes you up a moderately steep incline over exposed granite around a number of headlands traversing through coastal heath where emus can be spotted. The trail can be sandy with granite outcrops to cross and is unmarked apart from where the vegetation has been trimmed to delineate the path or the occasional wooden marker peg across the granite outcrop. Where the trail follows the beach it is unmarked and walkers should follow the tide line. Walk trail surface consists of natural pavements made up of rock material including exposed granite, gravel and beach sand. Some parts of the track may be eroded after heavy rain.

Need to Know