South Shore, Peel Region


South Shore is a world class freeride area located in a forest area between Dwellingup and Waroona.  Beware - with jumps, see saws and other technical features, this trail is for VERY experienced riders only.

South Shore Snakes and Ladders

Creator Jamie Campbell navigates one of the many gap jumps on the black diamond run. Snakes and Ladders

Photo Credit: Travis Deane

About the Trail

Set deep amongst the forest south of Dwellingup, finding South Shore is a mission in itself. When you get there prepare to be blown away. This advanced freeride trail is for very experienced riders only. Having said that, it is a masterpiece in trail design and shows what is possible built by expert trail builder Jamie Campbell.

There are several areas to South Shore; The Western End is dominated by jumps whilst Snakes Ladders combined jumps, drops, see saws and ladders high up in the trees.

You can use the Munda Biddi to return from the end of Snakes and Ladders to the car park.

Need to Know