Roebourne Heritage Trail

About the Trail

Established in 1866 and named after the first Western Australian surveyor, General John Septimus Roe, Roebourne is the oldest town between Geraldton and Darwin. Once the administrative centre of the North West, its restored heritage stone buildings speak to its earlier prosperity and include some designed by renowned Public Works Department Architect George Temple Poole. Of note is the octagonal shape gaol, which now houses the visitor centre and historical museum. 

This trail takes you on a journey to discover the history behind eighteen of the oldest and most significant buildings and sites in Roebourne and provides an insight to how life was for the early settlers and Aboriginal people all those years ago.

The route features large interpretive signs detailing the importance and history of each site. Multiple sites along this trail are very significant to Aboriginal people; the heritage sites are of great interest to non-Aboriginal people and are protected by law. We trust that giving people a better understanding will engender greater respect for Aboriginal culture.

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