Numbat Trail,  Avon Valley


Located within the Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary, the Numbat Trail is a challenging 12 kilometre loop with spectacular views of the surrounding Avon Valley. With fences around the sanctuary there is an abundance of native fauna and flora along the well maintained paths.

Paruna Gorge Viewing Platform

The Paruna Gorge viewing platform provides a great view of the waterfalls and valley below.

Photo Credit: Mark Pybus

About the Trail

The Numbat Trail takes you on a loop around the Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary – a rehabilitated piece of Australian bush teeming with life. This challenging hike will leave you in wonder with a variety of landscapes that will keep you distracted from the climbs. With no shortage of boardwalks, viewing platforms and picnic tables, this trail certainly is one to take your time with to enjoy all the details.

The on-going rehabilitation program at the sanctuary has provided a home for dozens of native bird species, reptiles, amphibians, kangaroos, echidnas, quendas, possums and wallabies. Make sure you take your camera and binoculars to get a good glimpse of the locals.

Access to the sanctuary is by appointment only as there is a computer code for the entry gate and a donation of $10pp is required to help fund the great rehabilitation work they are doing.

Need to Know