North Fremantle Paddling Trail

About the Trail

Jetties, boats, cliffs and secret beaches line the lower Swan River near the sea. Dolphins are a common sight, occasionally sea lions or osprey. Terns feed in the river and you may see pelicans, silver gulls or, away from the water - wrens, wagtails, wattle birds and other birdlife.

Start at Johannah Street, North Fremantle where there's free parking and easy access to the beach to launch from.

To avoid boat traffic and current, cross the river before heading upstream (turn left). Follow the riverbank to Preston Point and the Swan Yacht Club. Keep close in to the yacht club for five hundred metres to allow the big boats and Rottnest ferries room in the deeper water.

Continue inshore through the moored boats of East Fremantle Yacht club. A small jetty and beach at Bicton is a good spot for a picnic.

Continue further upstream to see the cliffs of Blackwall Reach where cliff jumping is a rite-of-passage for local youths in hotter weather.

To return to your start point, paddle two hundred metres across the river and turn left, follow the north bank downstream. Again, stay inshore to avoid boat traffic. Paddle all the way around Rocky Bay under the cliffs, around the marina and large moored boats, and finish on the beach where you began.

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