Mt Arid, Cape Arid NP


Mt Arid walk trail is located in Cape Arid National Park and can only be accessed via Yokinup Bay. 4WD accessible ONLY. Tides and weather conditions must be consulted before driving on the beach. Spectacular views to the south and west overlooking the Recherché Archipelago. Two kilometre return hike to the summit of Mt Arid.

Mt Arid walk trail

A steady climb at the beginning of the walk trail

Photo Credit: Emma Rowe

About the Trail

Mt Arid hike is a challenging 2km steep climb to the summit. The trail is narrow and unmarked apart from where the vegetation has been trimmed to delineate the path or an occasional wooden marker peg is used over the exposed granite. Though can be difficult to follow over granite rocks where it is quiet open. Walk trail surface consists of natural pavements made up of loose rocky material including gravel and granite rock. Walkers need to watch where they are placing their feet. The walk trail leaves Mt Arid car park and ascends to the summit. The begining of the walk is a gentle slope winding through low coastal heath but becomes challenging. Spectacular views to the south and west overlooking the Recherché Archipelago.  Slip risk especially when wet and over uneven surfaces.

Cape Barren geese are often seen on the beach in front of Mt Arid on Arid Bay as well as hooded plovers that use the coastal beaches as breeding grounds laying their eggs directly on the sand.   

To get to the trail you must first 4WD to the start. Enter onto Yokinup Bay via Thomas River Road. Follow the beach and headlands around for 20km until turnoff for Mt Arid carpark from the beach. Beware that sign for turnoff is well back from beach so high tides and swell don't wash sign away. It can often be difficult to see so set your odometre. Experience with beach driving essential.

Need to Know