Mt Dale Circuit, Helena NP

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Rated: 32121 (3/5), based on 4 reviews.

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Fayley Arthur avatar

Fayley Arthur


Beautiful views and the trail was obviously well constructed with quite a bit of $ for steps etc, but it has been allowed to get overgrowth with spiky parrot bush. If someone went through with a hedge trimmer and nailed in a few more blue triangles it would be a 4 star trail.

Marco Zecca avatar

Marco Zecca


The views are what make this trail. The loop is still partially overgrown. If you start from the lookout, make sure to find the way (follow blue arrow sign). The signage is generally quite poor, no panels with description or trail photo map. The 15-20 km gravel road to get there is doable with a 2WD vehicle, however 4WD is preferred. Overall, recommended grin

David Harrowfield


I did this trail in September 2015. Despite the smoke due to prescribed burns, the views were indeed very good, but the trail was in poor condition. It was badly overgrown on the SE side and treacherous underfoot in a few places. The scarcity of signage on the W and N sides also made it hard to follow, as the track was indistinguishable from the surrounding bush/rock in places. I had no trouble getting to the location in my 2WD wheelbarrow.

Cameron Broad


This trail is extremely hard to find as there is no signage once you are off the main road. I would recommend taking a 4WD as the road conditions are terrible. Once you get there the walk is actually pretty good. Views are absolutely amazing but the track is in need of some maintenance and is hard to follow do to limited amount of signposts showing you where to go. Definitely has potential with some work.

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