Mokare Heritage Trail, Denmark

About the Trail

This loop trail is an easy three kilometre walk or cycle, starting at Berridge Park in the Denmark townsite and meandering along the western river bank to the heritage Railway Bridge, where it crosses the Denmark River, to return to Denmark town along the eastern river bank.

This easy walk under the karris and paperbarks along the riverbanks offers beautiful river views and good bird-watching.

The Mokare Heritage Trail also offers a glimpse of Denmark's rail and settlement heritage, passing over the heritage Railway Bridge near the mouth of the Denmark River.  The trail is named after Mokare, an early Aboriginal leader from Albany who assisted Dr Thomas Wilson on his 1829 expedition to the Denmark district. 

The trail links with the Munda Biddi Cycle Trail and the Wilson Inlet Heritage Trail at the heritage Railway Bridge, where interpretative signage explains the history of the area, and trail users can stop for a BBQ or picnic in the gazebo shelter provided.

Sections of the eastern river bank pathway are subject to inundation during winter when the river water-level is high, during July - September.

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