Melville Water Riverpark Trail


The Swan Canning Riverpark holds significant cultural and natural values for Perth, serving as an important feature of the city’s landscape. The Melville Water Riverpark Trail is a sixteen kilometre urban trail along the Swan River (Derbal Yarrigan), from Fremantle Traffic Bridge to Canning Bridge through some of Perth’s most unique southern foreshore reserves and parks.

Point Walter sand spit

Point Walter sand spit

Photo Credit: DPaW

About the Trail

Melville Water Riverpark Trail aims to take you on a journey from Fremantle Traffic Bridge to Canning Bridge, showcasing the many different perspectives that exist in the Riverpark. These perspectives aim to enrich our knowledge and understanding of the natural and cultural values of the Riverpark.

This sixteen kilometre trail stretches along some of Perth's most precious foreshore, boasting impressive views of Perth's city skyline. The trail is both walker and cycle friendly, and can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

While the trail is not marked by directional signage, the trail does have a number of points of interest, which can be accessed on your mobile smart phone. Also, look out for the wooden interpretation facilities at Bicton Baths, Point Walter and Heathcote. These interpretation facilities serve as an information portal, which provides invaluable information about the Riverpark's ecological, historical, and Noongar cultural & heritage values.

Need to Know