Lily Pools, Charnley Station, Gibb River Rd

About the Trail

At 300 metres one-way, the Lily Pools Trail is by no means a long slog. It is a very well marked trail that requires some rock scrambling in parts, but nothing too demanding.

The pool at the end is small, but swimmable, especially earlier in the dry season when the water is flowing. It is a good spot to sit around and observe wildlife. Water goannas are common and often seen sunning themselves early in the day.

A map of this trail is available at the informative visitors centre and booking office for camping at Charnley River Wilderness Camp. Shady non-powered sites are available at the camping ground, where numerous birds make it a birdwatchers paradise. The dawn chorus is beyond superb.

Charnley River Station is run and owned by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, the biggest non-profit independent conservation organisation in Australia. 

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