Top Trail:  Kitty’s Gorge, Serpentine NP, Jarrahdale

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John Brennan


Excellent walk along the brook. Visit after rainfall. We started at the cemetery and only walked for a little over an hour before backtracking.

Dave Reid


Great walk that takes you down to Serpentine Falls - The top pool above the falls is a great lunch spot on a hot day (WARNING - Stay away from the edge as the rocks ARE slippery and even more so when damp). Track down from Gooralong can be a bit rough in places. To turn it into a loop cross the Serpentine River, turn left, and follow the maintenance track Eastwards - Big pipe on your right and river on your left. You will eventually come to Scarp Road, turn left, cross the bridge and you will see a pumping station and a track following a small bore pipe that goes straight up the hill. This hill is not for the faint hearted and watch out for mountain bikers. When you get to the top just follow the trail and out onto the road. Turn left on the road and make your way to the pub for a well earned beer.

Bree Abbott


A nice hike we did on a 35 degree day. Lots of shade from the trees but you still need a good hat, decent walking shoes and suncream. When you get close to Serpentine falls make sure you take the steps that go down the ridge rather than the long way around. Beautiful views. There are toilets to change into your bathers past the main car park as well. I needed about 3 litres of water in that heat. There were also little pockets of water to take a dip along the track which was a nice relief from the heat.. When walking back, you really need to keep an eye out for the path that follows the river (just after crossing the bridge). The sign is really faded and you cant see it. The first time I did this hike I missed it and walked all the way up the hill thinking we were lost. We had wandered off the main track but tried our luck and kept going. Eventually after a series of endless hills and lots of turns left we made it out towards the front of the trail. This time I saw the faded sign and went the right way. Both ways are fine, the hill trail a little more strenuous. We walked from the cemetery to the falls an back. With a pint at the Jarrahdale pub afters - a great little pub.

Vickie Perry


Beautiful place

Peter Doan


Completed this walk on 3 May 2017. Great walk that doesn't have significant elevation change. Average level of walking fitness is very suitable. It was very dry when completing this walk so I'd recommend coming after some heavy rain or late winter. Started off at the Jarrahdale cemetry. Allow 4.5 hours + breaks.

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