Top Trail:  Jurien Bay Underwater Interpretive Snorkel and Dive Trail


Suitable for novice divers and snorkelers including children,  this snorkel and dive trail is a gateway to the beautiful Jurien Bay Marine Park.  Handy swim cards will help you identify the fish and coral you are likely to see on the trail.

Reef balls

Over 70 reef balls created a habitat to attract abundant marine flora and fauna to the area

About the Trail

The trail starts approximately 25 metres out from the Jurien Bay beach at the end of the old jetty piles. The depth of the trail varies from 2.5  to 6 metres.

An artificial reef was created in the area by placing more than 70 reef balls close to the remains of an old wooden jetty.  The reef balls, made from a special marine friendly concrete, are designed to mimic natural reef systems creating habitats for fish and other marine life.  

The site is a popular destination for residents and visitors to the area wanting to experience the amazing underwater landscape of Jurien Bay and is suitable for swimmers, snorkellers and divers of all ages.

Handy Swim Cards (available from local shops) outline which species of fish and coral you are likely to see on the trail. A $5 donation for the use of these cards supports the ongoing maintenance of the trail

More confident snokellers and divers will find plenty more to see a little further off shore.The extensive reef system that runs parallel to shore is a diver’s delight. The reef includes caves, grottos and overhangs covered with colourful sponges, sea squirts, anemones and corals. Multitudes of fish and invertebrate species abound. Extensive seagrass meadows grow in the shallow lagoons inside the reef. Seagrass meadows are a vital nursery habitat for hundreds of marine animals, including western rock lobsters.

Jurien Bay Marine Park and its immediate surrounds is the only major breeding area for Australian sea lions along the western coast of Australia. 

The Underwater Interperative trail was opened in the summer of 2013/14 after several years of planning, grant submissions and community engagement by the Jurien Bay Progress Association. The balls were constructed by members of the local men's shed making the trail a real community project.

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